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Setting up and incorporating companies in Malta

There are many advantages in setting up a company in Malta. Malta is an ideally located, English-speaking Mediterranean island with great business incentives for foreign companies to come and do business here.

Our company is an innovative leader in forming and incorporating companies in Malta and can assist you in providing all the required services to incorporate and maintain your company in Malta.

Be smart and take advantage of the services provided by our team to help you get a seat at the business table in Malta.


Why form a company in Malta?

Malta is a member country of the European Union, located in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and North Africa. Since ancient times, Malta has been a crossroads of human movement and has now become a commercial hub in Europe and the region.

With increasingly beneficial and competitive tax packages for foreign companies to set up in Malta, more and more businesses are starting to incorporate in Malta. English is an official language – English is the lingua franca of the corporate world - and this will make doing business in this beneficial environment that much more convenient.

How can we assist in forming a company in Malta?

Forming a company in Malta does not have to be a difficult enterprise. If you wish to set up a company in Malta, then you should do so through a firm which can handle all the steps in the process. Navigating the laws and regulations governing the formation of companies in Malta can be complicated for those who wish to incorporate here.

To make this as easy and efficient as possible why not team up with a local firm specialised in doing this?

Providing you with experts in company formation such as accountants, tax experts, incorporation specialists and more, a company like us will be able to guide you through this process.

The advantages of incorporating a company in Malta

Malta has recently established itself as a hub for financial services, iGaming and other international companies. With the lowest corporate tax in Europe, companies are flocking to Malta to take advantage of these business incentives. Connected to the rest of Europe by air and sea, with an English speaking corporate arena, there is much to take advantage of here when it comes to doing business.

Let us give you the tools to take advantage of what is to offer in Malta and assist you in setting up your business here as conveniently and effectively as possible.


Who are we?

A leader in company incorporation; giving clients access to an experienced and dedicated team to help incorporate and maintain companies here in Malta offering high quality tailored services at competitive costs.

Can anyone form a company in Malta with you?

We are very strict with due diligence requirements when accepting clients and ensure that every client is given the safest and most transparent options when incorporating in Malta.

What benefits make Malta unique?

Malta has in recent years developed into a hub for financial and corporate services since entering the European Union, offering the lowest corporate tax in Europe and providing a fertile corporate environment.

What taxes will a company formed in Malta have to pay?

Companies based in Malta enjoy a 35% tax rate. However, if you are a foreign owned company opening in Malta you will receive a 30% tax refund, leaving you with as little as 5% net tax payments.

Forming a company in Malta
gives your business many benefits

With a dedicated team of incorporation experts offering tailored services for your company, our team is your number one choice when forming a company in Malta.